Dog Walking, Pet & House Services throughout the Tyne Valley

Wagtails Tyne Valley offers a full range of Services including: -

Dog Walking

  • Individual or Family Dog Walks
  • Group Walks & Recreation with other Dogs
  • River Walks
  • Country & Woodland Walks




At our rural location in Corbridge we have our own fields as well as immediate access to miles of varied walks.


Pet Home Visits

  • Dog Visits
  • Puppy Visits
  • Cat Visits
  • Kitten Visits


We will visit your pet in their own home as frequently as you wish.


This will include: -


  • Fresh Food & Water
  • Cleaning Litter Trays
  • Comfort Visit
  • Companionship
  • Play
  • Administering Medication




Pet Vet Visits

  • Routine Check-ups & Visits
  • Injections
  • Procedural Visits
  • Administering Medication


We will happily accompany your Pet for Veterinary Visits and return them home afterwards.


When a pet has to have an injection or a procedure we can care for them afterwards in their own home until the owners' return.




Pet Parlour Visits

We will collect your Pet from home, transport it to the Dog Grooming Parlour, stay with it, and then return your Pet home.

Other Animals

  • Securing Chickens In & Out of Pens
  • Egg Collection
  • Feeding & Watering
  • Cleaning out Hen Hutches
  • Feeding Orphan Lambs
  • Cleaning Pens
  • Cleaning Cages & Hutches
  • Feeding & Watering

Home & Gardens

If you're going away from home we can help in the following ways: -


  • Moving Post from Prying Eyes
  • Opening & Closing Curtains
  • Watering Indoor & Garden Plants
  • Mowing Lawns




Please note, we cannot provide services for the following types of animals: -


  • Any Dog categorised under the Dangerous Dog Breed, even if licensed & registered
  • Any Reptiles
  • Any Arachnoids



Lorraine Hugall Bsc (hons)

O.A.Dip (Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Professional) - Distinction

International Open Academy - Dog Behaviour and Training Course - Distinction


Tel - 0798 5657978

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